Nanobit LLC expresses its deepest respect and proposes your bank/NCO (hereinafter - the Bank) to consider an opportunity to launch at our expense a ready-made network of internal structural units (hereinafter - ISU) in Moscow and the Moscow vicinity with a total number from 5 to 300 ISU as per agreed: operating cash offices out of the cash operating units, additional offices or operating offices, as well as lending and cash services offices (LCO). The presence of any bank’s branch from any region of Russia in Moscow is not mandatory.

     No additional financing is required from the bank-partner, advancing of our ISUs shall be made at our expense; the bank shall receive the funds by legal means agreed with the bank-partner (the balance of our company’s account, deposit, etc.).

     On a monthly basis each ISU pays a fixed profit rate to the bank in the agreed amount, as well as compensates for all expenses, regardless of profit or loss. Income received by each ISU in excess of a fixed profit rate is transferred to our company’s account.

     All ICUs operate under the official scheme and under the bank's program; all transactions are accounted for in accordance with all requirements of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the legislation of the Russian Federation. We are well-experienced in the area, all ICUs are fully equipped, ready to operate and are officially leased to the Bank with all the equipment.

     Our ICUs have always perfectly passed any kind of inspection. ICUs meet all the requirements of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, what allows us to establish fast and efficient workflow, as well as to simplify the initiation of cooperation with the bank-partner. ICUs have a broad experience of integration with all money transfer systems, which gives the bank the opportunity to get additional income using our location.

     Income from foreign exchange operations, received by all our ICUs, shall be payable to our company in addition to the fixed profit rate and compensation for expenses. All other additional income from transactions shall be payable to bank-partner.

     We are ready to consider installing ATMs, payment terminals and promoting additional banking products through our ICU network. It should be noted that we have our own: financing, ICS, the base of reliable and experienced cashiers, security service (PSC), cash-and-valuables-in-transit and all approval documents authorizing the activity. The scheme of interaction between our company and the bank-partner is absolutely transparent and legal. We are also ready to consider the purchase of a share of a small bank (NCO).

On the partnership with banks (NCO) reach us at the tel.:
+7 (985) 552-78-44 and


     We raise investments into the newly created decentralized blockchain based cryptocurrency exchange and its initialization (currently 65% ready). The amount of investments is about 60 million rubles. (about 900,000 US dollars), payback period - 6-12 months. We have a registered company in Estonia with all the necessary crypto licenses, and also plan to create a company in Singapore.


     We raise investments in the purchase of non-banking credit organization (NCO) or a small bank with a basic license to open a large network of internal structural units (ISU) in Moscow and the Moscow vicinity, and later throughout Russia and abroad:

  1. Additional offices,
  2. Operational offices,
  3. Operating cash offices out of the cash operating units,
  4. Lending and cash services offices.


  1. Currency exchange operations,
  2. Money transmissions without a necessity to open an account by order of individuals,
  3. Services to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs,
  4. Other banking services.

     The network comprises of more than 300 units only in Moscow. The sum of investments is about 100-150 million rubles. (about 1 500 000-2 200 000 US dollars), payback period - 12 months. After the adoption of Russian cryptographic industry legislation, these ISUs will maintain our cryptographic projects as well.


     We attract investments in the development of the placer gold site this season: May-October 2019, the mine site size is 20 sq. km (100 sq. km total) this season. All the documents necessary for mining available, including equipment and workers. Almost everything is ready to start mining in May 2019. The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is famous for its rare sites, which simultaneously provide placer gold and ore gold, in this area there are also promising reserves of ore gold. Our Yakut partners have accumulated experience in this area over the years; we propose to distribute the profits after the return of the invested amount to the investor as follows: 70% - to the Yakut partners, and 30% - to the investor-partner attracted to the gold mining project. Exploratory lines have already been made. Survey pits sinking with washing geological samples. The average gold content is 1 g per ton. Forecast reserves of the total area of 100 sq. km - 720 kg of placer gold. The planned mining volume during the flushing season 2019: a minimum of 30 kg, not including other associated minerals mined. 30 kg of gold, at a price of 2700 rubles per 1 g, cost 81 million total. Distribution of profit is 70% to 30%, as mentioned above, the investor-partner shall receive a net profit of 24,300,000 rubles, in addition to the return of the amount of all its investments - they are required for this project in the amount of 35,200,000 rubles (current mining costs) + 7,500,000 rubles. (purchase of 30% stake from the company, the license holder), TOTAL = 42,700,000 rubles (not immediately, but gradually, as needed, the schedule is available). All 42,700,000 roubles shall be returned to the investor-partner in full at the end of the production season of November-December 2019, and its personal net profit shall be: 24,300,000 rubles (about 57% exceeding the invested amount). We are the team of Nanobit LLC, we supervise this project, our interests are already involved in this project. In the future, we plan to digitize this gold project, we will provide detailed information on request. A monthly report of current expenses and the reporting on the mined items, as well as the management balance, are provided.


     We raise investments to organize and launch a crowdfunding internet platform in Russia. The collective attraction of money and other funds to finance (facilitate):

  1. Small and medium businesses (SMBs);
  2. Creative and cultural projects;
  3. Collective borrowing;
  4. Technical and software products;
  5. Various start-up projects;
  6. Social and charitable projects.

     It is planned to control and manage some projects, as well as generate own projects.

     The amount of investments required comprises about 35 million rubles. (approximately 500,000 US dollars), payback period - 12 months. Russian legislation providing regulations for these activities will be adopted in early 2019.