POS Blockchain Network Development and Stable Coin Technology

NANOBIT as blockchain technology development company is currently working on the project of its own independent POS based network.

This blockchain network can be further used to deploy infrastructures for businesses or government and public sectors.

The work is now in process, and when it is finished, many problems of data transaction speed, security and safety of transfers will be resolved. Moreover, the POS based blockchain network will be able to grant transparency of operations at every stage.

What is Stablecoin cryptocurrency?

As soon as our crypto exchange platform is launched and listed, we plan to issue stable cryptocurrency.

What is a stable coin?

Nowadays digital money is not used for payments on everyday basis. Why couldn’t we pay crypto for goods or services no matter whether it is B2B, B2C or C2C?

Why don’t we pay crypto for a TV set or a fridge in an internet shop? Why digital currencies have not become mainstream yet?

The reasons vary, but one of the major ones is that crypto exchanges make this currency too volatile due to playing on rates. It is good for the players, but bad for businesses – selling goods to a customer worth of 1 bitcoin, they can face huge losses within an hour if bitcoin price falls.

The idea of “stablecoin” is that its price shall be stable and easily predicted.

The technology underlying stable cryptocurrency needs to be built upon ProofofStake based blockchain.

How does it work? The first million of coins with a preset price is automatically emitted (for example $500 for 1 coin). The market opens and coins are being sold. As soon as 1% of the emitted coins is sold, the price, automatically preset by the algorithm, rises 1% and the sales continue. When 100% of emitted coins are sold, the price goes 100% up proportionally and the second million coins is automatically emitted according to the algorithm. So it goes on and on until the last coin is sold out.

This model allows introducing a marketing strategy that would urge buyers of coins to popularize and spread this stable coin, as it will be profitable.

POS algorithm and stable coin

  1. Price is set and calculated by the algorithm preset in the blockchain
  2. Price only rises with every per cent of the coins sold and never falls lower than the rates achieved
  3. Coins sales are partially centralized but, at the same time, every holder of stable coin can install crypto wallet on their desktop and withdraw their digital money from the centralized marketplace into their own wallet. After that they will have full control over their assets.
  4. Nobody can trade for speculative purpose as the concept itself is based on introducing predictable and stable currency into the modern financial structures and technologies.

Blockchain development services

Having huge experience in developing blockchain technologies and networks, our specialists can offer a variety of services: from developing software for various crypto market purposes to deploying systems on blockchain on a turnkey basis.

We provide:

  1. Blockchain networks development upon request
  2. Blockchain projects and solutions development for your business purposes and upon your requirements
  3. Development of mobile apps for cryptocurrency operations, trading, transfers, etc.
  4. Blockchain apps upon request to meet your immediate business needs and requirements
  5. Readymade blockchain solutions

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