Free mobile multicoin crypto wallet app for iOS/Android

Cryptocurrency wallet (crypto wallet for iPhone or Android) application is a multicoin digital depository to keep and withdraw digital money, control transactions and email them to the user.

If you want to start using crypto money or launch a mining farm, you will need a safe place to keep your digital earnings – to create a crypto wallet. Bitcoins and other currencies do not exist apart from the blockchain network, so you need a secure application to store and operate digital money.

Mobile multicoin wallet by NANOBIT

NANOBIT crypto wallet app meets the highest security standards and offers comfortable interface with only necessary features.

Downloadable to iOS or Android this app gives you the opportunity to control your financial assets regardless of your current location, wherever you go, it is always with you.

NANOBIT universal mobile wallet offers multicoin operations: you can use bitcoins, ether or other cryptocurrencies at the same time.

The wallet also offers additional features:

  1. Newsfeed with updates on cryptocurrency market, blockchain development and legislation in various countries of the world concerning digital money operations.
  2. Analytics feed collecting popular opinions, forecasts and analysis of cryptocurrency market, ICO and blockchain projects by popular bloggers, miners and experts.

NANOBIT blockchain wallet app has a pure and pleasant design, as well as an intuitive, clear and friendly interface, transparent to the user.

With this blockchain app you can:

  1. Check the balance of your account
  2. Transfer crypto money to another user (specify address, sum and a comment for the recipient)
  3. Accept the money transfer in bitcoins or ether
  4. Check the history of transactions (last 20 or full detailed history)
  5. Check the status of your transactions
Download NANOBIT cryptocurrency wallet: