Crypto ATM – a quick and easy way to buy cryptocurrency

Many people want to buy cryptocurrency, but the process itself may seem difficult. The need to register with crypto exchange, go through verification procedures and start exchange accounts scares lots of users. However, if you have cash, the easiest way to buy cryptocurrency is to use crypto machines in Moscow.

What is a cryptocurrency ATM?

These ATMs look like usual machines to withdraw cash, but what they really do is providing you with an easy and quick way to buy cryptocurrency with cash and/or credit card on the go. Crypto ATMs are more like a stationary exchange where you can anonymously exchange fiat for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Do you know how to use a Bitcoin ATM?

All you need to do is simply select the amount of cryptocurrency to buy, input your wallet address, deposit cash and confirm the purchase. As you see, it is as easy as pie!

Bitcoin machines developed by NANOBIT

There are many Crypto ATM manufacturers so each machine is unique in its way. Many of them support multicurrency transactions, QR scanning and conducting transactions by phone number, synchronization with the personal account and the crypto exchange.

NANOBIT Crypto ATMs are multifunctional vending machines supporting cash in / cash out now and acquiring in the perspective.

Our crypto machines are produced in large quantities and will be situated in profitable locations in Moscow, which will increase the access to crypto-financial instruments for a large number of people.

NANOBIT Ltd owns a lot of non-residential premises equipped with security solutions for banking, which allows us to build an efficient terminal network, growing every day.

Quick purchase of cryptocurrency with cash and prospects for small businesses – that is what makes crypto ATMs such a popular cryptocurrency service.