Innovative Mining Software and Hardware Projects

NANOBIT Ltd is working on innovative projects aimed at crypto industry development:

  1. cryptocurrency mining software
  2. cryptocurrency mining hardware and equipment maintenance
  3. blockchain solutions for business
  4. bitcoin mining hardware for sale

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Miner Hosting Services

Mining collocation hotels or miner hosting is a new sphere in crypto industry. What is it all about?

Crypt mining hardware is growing and becoming more complex and electricity consuming, as well as producing a lot of noise. Miners, who used to install their mining equipment at home, have to find alternative solutions – rent special spaces for their farms. The service providing miners with specially equipped areas is called miners hosting or mining collocation hotels. The miners hosing service offers secured areas with powerful electricity supplies, noise insulation and good ventilation.

NANOBIT organizes and supports miners hosting service of our own. We offer areas in our mining collocation hotel together with hardware maintenance and setup, software installation and setup, monthly reports, diagnostics and troubleshooting, if necessary.

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