Blockchain in banking - fast and secure transactions

Blockchain in banking sector makes your transactions safer, faster and cheaper. Blockchain technology in finance works much more efficiently than any other previously used for creating banking applications.

Blockchain can help provide excellent banking solutions:

  1. Registration of all transactions occurs with the use of cryptocurrency, which allows to significantly reduce bank costs.
  2. Any user can monitor transactions from any computer, which means the system is completely transparent.
  3. Blockchain in banking sector allows to solve the problem of apps hacked, since the access to information is only possible with the help of keys owned entirely by the application owner.

T & Cash banking software – an effective banking application from Nanobit

Our innovative projects include the bank blockchain platform T & Cash. What are the benefits of our banking software?

  1. cryptocurrency trading
  2. money transfers
  3. tokens trading

Why use T & Cash banking software?

  1. online distributed network
  2. certification of transactions directly through the blockchain;
  3. round-the-clock access to the application;
  4. protection against DDoS attacks;
  5. significantly lower costs.